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Children    ARE   THE    FUTURE



children are the future



It is time to turn to our children! Let them know that we appreciate their ideas and give them constant hope for their futures. They have a purpose; it is our duty to nourish it so that they may grow into the people that our Creator breathed into them. They will always look forward in the finding of new and wonderful experience that come their way.
A lot of children feel that ceremonies are for the adults and not for them. They do need their own ways of praying together through the ways that bring them joy and comfort.
By letting them sit in circle and talk about what they would like and why….IT is a most joyous experience. An overnight camp out around and fire is a good start. Always with adult supervision. Camping games, and free play are important. A wide range of ages is helpful, it creates a change of understanding…each age group relating in some way to those older and younger than themselves.
Teachings about sacred herbs and having samples available. Prayer ties and sticks. Have them make their own. Have a talking circle and explain the purpose of the talking stick or feather. Explain the four elements and without them we do not exist. Let them speak of their experiences as much as possible.
They will tell you about their own beliefs in a higher being…..this one is amazing to hear. Let them speak about how they feel about the Green Nations. Bring them as close to nature as you can.
Let them sings their songs….they can even make up new ones….their songs from the moment are so beautiful it will surely bring tears.
Let them make up their own Children’s Honoring Dance….in a circle…they can hold hands or not, they can jump around or not, spin….whatever and however they see their dance.
Teach them about the drum and the respect that is due it. Rattles also are a good tool to learn about. Some people let the children have a tree in the center of their circle….either a potted one or if lucky enough a place where there is already a growing tree with enough room around it for a Children’s Dance Circle. No one is to touch the tree except the children. This is showing total respect to the tree and to the purpose of giving honor to the children. This becomes their alter. The adults touch the alter through the children.
One way to end their ceremony would be to let them have a little candle and may a prayer for whatever intent that they see or feel needs attention in their life and blow out the candle. They have done this as a wish on their birthdays so they are familiar to this ritual; however, when it becomes a pray for something else it has so much more meaning to the children….try this with your own children…you will see!


 May, 2011

Dears Sisters,

Can't you just feel the earth awakening in your body, in your environment and in your heart? There is so much going on at this time as we have more light and warmth. I would like to be sure that as many people as possible know about.

Spring Blessings,


Dr. Emoto's Peace Project

"Emoto Peace Project has been declared by Dr. Emoto when he was giving a seminar at The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee at United Nation headquarter in NYC on May 25th, 2005 and it is a project which aims at educating the truth of water to children by distributing children version of “Messages from Water” books to children for free. It is our goal to distribute 650 million copies of the book in next 10 years. Its intended age is from 3 - 12 years old. In another 20 years or so, we hope that they will be leading the earth in a favorable direction. We adults must minimize the damage done to the earth till then."

Dr. Emoto now has his children's version of "Messages from Water" available in 15 languages, to download for free.

Click on the language of choice here: http://www.geocities.jp/emotoproject/english/picturebook.html
That will lead to a download page as well as a page to preview content.

Donate here: http://www.geocities.jp/emotoproject/english/coop.html

I hope you take advantage of Dr. Emotos' project so the children you know will be exposed to his inspired thinking.
Many Blessings,

"What is Education? I believe its goal is to teach young people what is beautiful and what that idea really means, for when true beauty is pursued, harmony is achieved. This is because God's intention is for humankind and nature to find balance, and to peacefully coexist."

 ~ Messages from Water and the Universe ~ Dr. Masaru Emoto ~


Results of Shalahnia's Version of Cabbage Soup Experiment

April, 2011


Being the closet scientist that I am, I decided to try this experiment myself from my own point of view. Here is my documentation.



I set out to test the pH of vinegar, baking soda, rainwater and blessed rainwater, with cabbage soup, as in the description found in the March entry of Young Spirit's Lodge.

I cooked the cabbage in water, strained it, then mixed it with a small amount of each of the liquids I was testing. As predicted, the vinegar is acidic and turned red, the baking soda is alkaline and turned blue. My rain water remained dark purple and the water I blessed is just a tat lighter. I conclude that my rainwater is not acidic and that the blessed rain water is not acidic, but is just in some slight way, perhaps not related to pH, different from the unblessed rainwater.

This can be an interesting experiment to do with children. A bit messy, but lots of fun.

Part of the experiment could include them do a blessing of the water and involve also a taste test to determine if the blessed water tasted any different to them.

Remember to enjoy the children, they are the future.

Many Blessings,





"Cabbage Soup" pH Experiment

March, 2011

Want to have some fun with your children and help them learn some water science at the same time. Check this out! Based on the work of our dear sister, Donna Goodman of Earth Child Institute. http://www.earthchildinstitute.org/  With thanks also to Annie B. Bond.



Adapted from Every Body Counts, Every Drop Matters,

by Donna L. Goodman (United Nations Publications, 2003).


Do you have acid rain? All you have to do to find out is to make this cabbage soup and add some rainwater!

Cabbage soup is a great acid-base (pH) indicator, and if you add something acid it will change color. It will turn pink for acids, and blue for alkaline (base). If it is not acid or base, it will stay the same. This means it is neutral.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that acid rain is a serious environmental problem. Scientists have confirmed that sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides-from electric power generators that rely on burning fossil fuels like coal-are the primary causes.

Learn here if the rain falling on your home is acid rain-the recipe couldn't be simpler, and kids love the project.

Red cabbage
A few clear glasses or containers
Sauce pan
White vinegar
Baking soda

For procedure:
Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/cabbage-soup-acid-rain-test-how-to.html



Child Honouring Covenant
February, 2011

Raffi and Daila Lama with Child Honouring Covenant

"Raffi Cavoukian" is known to millions simply as Raffi, a renowned Canadian singer once called "the most popular children's entertainer in the western world."  (Washington Post) When I taught elementary school, I used his music in my classroom almost daily. He is very active in creating a culture that honors our children. Below is A Covenant for Honouring Children, which he composed, he also has a plea to faith leaders to promote honoring children amongst  their congregations. (you may sign on his website) A dear sister of mine has printed the Covenant out and shares it with her grandchildren.

As a waterkeeper I feel compelled to also Honour Children and future generations. (I mean, as a human being, having been nurtured and born out of water, it is instinctual!) You can sign the plea and check out other areas of his site at the following link. He has some very simple, straightforward actions we can take.


A very good interview of Raffi by Michael Stone will be posted at the link below, perhaps by the time you get your newsletter.


With Love,


A Covenant for Honouring Children

We find these joys to be self evident: That all children are created whole, endowed with innate intelligence, with dignity and wonder, worthy of respect. The embodiment of life, liberty and happiness, children are original blessings, here to learn their own song. Every girl and boy is entitled to love, to dream and belong to a loving “village.” And to pursue a life of purpose.

We affirm our duty to nourish and nurture the young, to honour their caring ideals as the heart of being human. To recognize the early years as the foundation of life, and to cherish the contribution of young children to human evolution.

We commit ourselves to peaceful ways and vow to keep from harm or neglect these, our most vulnerable citizens. As guardians of their prosperity we honour the bountiful Earth whose diversity sustains us. Thus we pledge our love for generations to come.

Child Honouring Principles

The words of A Covenant for Honouring Children suggest nine guiding principles for living. Taken together, they offer a holistic way of restoring natural and human communities, thus brightening the outlook for the world we share. They form the basis for a multi-faith consensus on societal renewal.

Respectful Love

is key. It speaks to the need to respect children as whole people and to encourage them to know their own voices. Children need the kind of love that sees them as legitimate beings, persons in their own right. Respectful love instills self-worth; it’s the prime nutrient in human development. Children need this not only from parents and caregivers, but from the whole community.


is about abundance: of human dreams, intelligences, cultures, and cosmologies; of earthly splendours and ecosystems. Introducing children to biodiversity and human diversity at an early age builds on their innate curiosity. There’s a world of natural wonders to discover, and a wealth of cultures, of ways to be human. Comforted by how much we share, we’re able to delight in our differences.

Caring Community

refers to the “village” it takes to raise a child. The community can positively affect the lives of its children. Child-friendly shopkeepers, family resource centres, green schoolyards, bicycle lanes, and pesticide-free parks are some of the ways a community can support its young.

Conscious Parenting

can be taught from an early age; it begins with empathy for newborns. Elementary and secondary schools could teach nurturant parenting (neither permissive nor oppressive) and provide insight into the child-rearing process. Such knowledge helps to deter teen pregnancies and unwanted children. Emotionally aware parents are much less likely to perpetuate abuse or neglect.

Emotional Intelligence

sums up what early life is about: a time for exploring emotions in a safe setting, learning about feelings and how to express them. Those who feel loved are most able to learn and to show compassion for others. Emotional management builds character and is more important to later success than IQ. Cooperation, play, and creativity all foster the “EQ” needed for a joyful life.


is central to emotional maturity, to family relations, to community values, and to the character of societies that aspire to live in peace. It means more than the absence of aggression; it means living with compassion. Regarding children, it means no corporal punishment, no humiliation, no coercion. “First do no harm,” the physicians’ oath, must now apply to all our relations; it can become a mantra for our times. A culture of peace begins in a nonviolent heart, and a loving home.

Safe Environments

foster a child’s feeling of security and belonging. The very young need protection from the toxic influences that permeate modern life-from domestic neglect and maltreatment, to the corporate manipulations of their minds, to the poisonous chemicals entering their bodies. The first years are when children are most impressionable and vulnerable; they need safeguarding.


refers not merely to conservation of resources, renewable energy development, and anti-pollution laws. To be sustainable, societies need to build social capacity by investing in their young citizens, harnessing the productive power of a contented heart. The loving potential of every young child is a potent source for good in the world.

Ethical Commerce

is fundamental to a child-honouring world. It includes a revolution in the design, manufacture and sale of goods; corporate reform; “triple bottom line” business; full-cost accounting; tax and subsidy shifts; political and economic cycles that reward long-term thinking. Ethical commerce would enable a restorative economy devoted to the well being of the very young.


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