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Adele Sands.  I am a massage therapist, Reiki Master, and healing facilitator in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Spirit blessed me with the opportunity to travel the world with my partner Dan for three months, from the first day of winter, 2003, to the first day of spring, 2004. The Journey took us to sacred sites in Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, England, Egypt, India, Australia and Hawaii. We were called to perform Rituals that focused on water healing as we connected to the sites through prayer and intention. Spirit, and a special dolphin pod in Kauai, gifted me with some extraordinary photos. Sedona gifts me synchronicity, flow, manifestation, and a glorious life lived fully in joy, love and gratitude.

I regularly do Water Healing Rituals when I travel, and I did take the sacred water (from about 45 sacred sites) with me to the UK in July. It got to be in crop circles, and I did a ritual (water transfer with prayers) at a beautiful country stream!

And at home in Sedona, the water sits in a circle of 200 crystal skulls, that are part of my healing practice. In the photo with me is my dear Medicine Hat paint mare, who came to me with the name "Sedona"!

Magic and miracles happen! Blessings from the heart,



My name is Alice Leong I have recently move to Northern California area with my husband, a job relocation from Southern Calif. I can't believe its been almost 3 years.  I am 61 years old and a grandmother of 3 young teenagers 12,13, and 15. I have been interested in the healing of the Earth and been active in Energy Healing like Reiki. I have been in women's spiritual groups since 1988 after my divorce. That's when I began my spiritual journey to gathered in women's circle once a week our teacher was Mary Weber (Cherokee) she passed away last year with her husband in a plane crash.

My brother George Delgadillo (a Bear Dancer - Tamale George) Passed away August 3 2004 on his way to Ceremony Bear Dance in the Mount Shasta area. Well after my brothers death is what brought me back to union of the sister hood and being a part of Healing the Earth.  Light and Blessings, Alice Leong


Alicia MerLady Bonnet: Water fascinates me as long as I can remember. It is my favorite delicious refreshing drink.  I love to sit by the ocean and listen to the waves breaking on the shore. I love dancing in warm rain showers. I love drinking a cool glass of spring water. The water caresses my skin, the weightlessness when swimming, the ease of movement AAh being in the water is blissful. Then to snorkel--oh my to hear the sound of my breath as I marvel at the beauty and peacefulness of being under the water in warm oceans, lakes and rivers. Oh my Goddess what delight.

I have roamed the seas in the Caribbean, Mexico and the South Pacific and been honored to interact with the dolphin, turtle, whale, shark, manta ray and seal nations. In the expanse of the water as it surrounds you the indescribable feeling of magic, majesty, primal existence. Water ceremonies have channeled through me. I am currently visioning a sea/land community http://seacommunitynetwork.ning.com

A ceremonialist, sound/energy medicine healer, Sun Priestess, Hug Therapist, Dances of Universal Peace Leader, Universal Life Minister, Laughter Yoga, Positive Dog Trainer and Bubbles the Clown Fairy, I bring joy, around the world. Embracing myself as a singing merlady, chants and songs have poured thru me into CD’s: Opening, Emergence, Trusting, and Simple Gifts. For 20 years, I have discovered the beauty, strength and fun of sister circles. I have written Women’s New Moon Guide with the companion New Moon Journey CD to assist women. .http://aliciabonnet.com

I am thrilled to join this growing pod of water blessers as we travel and share around the globe in thankfulness the sacredness and beauty of the waters.


Almine is a renowned teacher traveling across the globe delivering advanced sacred teachings. Almine's work delves into cutting-edge shamanism, mysticism, alchemy and the non-dual-where no one else has gone. Her work is inclusive and contemporary, transcending form and historial traditions to reach the realm of timeless Essence.  

As a Toltec Nagual, in each of her workshops, Almine reveals the newest and most cutting-edge pertinent information, bringing it forth with the participation of those present, holding that as we change within, all of life changes as a result. This principle is known as "the riddle of the heart", which holds the idea that we each stand as pivot points for life and impact the whole through our conscious intentions, aware decisions, and responsible ways of living.  

A visionary seer, Almine has brought forth from the Angelic Realms, Hidden Realms, Star Nations and Infinite Mother, multiple cutting-edge tools to awaken consciousness, including an entire body of healing, known as Belvaspata, "Healing of the Heart", the sacred Breaths of Arasatma, Light Elixoirs as a sacred tool to assist in consciousness and the 24 Chakra Meditation for manifestion.The Toltec Whole Body Healing System, a Belvaspata modality, can be used to heal the tectonic plates of our Mother Earth and Her waters and water systems by proxy. The Nevi-Satma, 12 Breaths of proxy are used in personal and global meditations to cleanse radiation fromthe waters of the planet. The 24 Chakra meditation for the manifestation of Planetary healing of Gaia.

Rain on the Earth, as the Liaison to the Indigenous Peoples for Belvaspata, brings the gift of iniitiations to key people within these communities that through them their people with receive it. She presents and teaches workshops and ceremonies with emphasis on personal and planetary healing. Almine gifted this beautiful Light Elixir to our Sisterhood to assist us in our mission.


  Ann Smith: I have been involved for the past thirty years in Circles, designing, conducting, training facilitators in leadership programs around the world that empower women to start a women's circle and to transforming their hierarchical organizations into a circle. I have designed and facilitated many international and national circle events along with the production of magazine, books and other resources that bring women together for mutual empowerment as equals in circle. I attended both Gather The Women events because of their vision to bring women together from all walks of life together. I am a strong believer in grassroots mobilizing for making a positive difference. Carol Hansen Grey, Rhonda Hull and I have given birth to Circle Connections Inc, the place where women can get hands on help in starting circles and transforming their organizations and businesses into circles. Members will be given a host of opportunities to participate in retreats, playshops, teleconferences, share the circle stories and connect with other circles. They will learn how to facilitate circles and mentor others in starting and nurturing circles. Please visit our website and become a member. Your leadership and creativity are wanted. www.circleconnections.org.
Ann Smith, Circle Connections Inc www.circleconnections.net

Annique of Gaia: Originally from Europe, Annique has lived and studied spiritual healing and shamanism in Brazil with "curaderos", apprenticed in Hawaii with kuhunas, studied herbs and medicinal cures in Central America and shamanic healing in Guatemala. She now lives in teh Pacific Northwest, is a graduate from the Evergreen Center for the Healing Arts in Washington in both Theraputic message and Eastern Holistic Healing. She is licensed nationally.

Annqiue was guided to Almine where she has journeyed into the unknowable. She has become and Ascended Master, Alchemist and Wayshower. She co-hosts Medicine Walk radio shows sharing her journey http://www.blogtalkradio.com/medicinewalk. She teaches courses on Applied Mysticism and Alchemy through the Koumbi Retreat Center branch of the Center of Enlightenment. She teaches the Desi Yogi System, the oldest yoga known to humanity focusing on the opening and clearing of debris from all life cycles. Annique has a fun, upbeat inclusive way of communicating this extremely esoteric information.

She creates highly potent medicinal oils, waters, elixirs and essenses just for you.She has become one of the most sought out practitioners of the Chronic and Stystemic Illness Program using remedies, diet and Belvaspata to bring your body back to vibrant health and deep joyfulness. As a Grand Master in this magical modality her experience and intuitive nature creates for you a healing experience that will change your life.


Beatrice Brzozowska (Kaluila): I am so grateful to be able to finally connect and am grateful for finding your page.

I am Polish, living in Scotland for nearly 11 years.  All my life I have had strong feelings that I do not fit to my community (I was born and raised in a Catholic family).  Since I remember I was very initiutive.  And I always have had a strong connection to animals and I can easily communicate with them.  I have ability to cannel information when it is needed to heath the person.  I have been on my spiritual path since I can remember but lost 4 years after my mentor and teacher, my loving grandma, passed away.  She was very deep in my spiritual path and growth.

I feel a strong connection with water and your website just proved that everything in life is for a reason. White Buffalo has been guiding and protecting me all my life.  And now finding your website I know I am on the right path.  I want to support the healing of our Mother Earth and waters every day of my life.

Blessings with Love, Beatrice   the13crystalsecrets@gmail.com  The gates of Beatrice's cystal and natural therapies  www.mysticjourney.co.uk




B Brenda L. Morgan: Mother, Auntie, Work with the youth all nations building self confidence and helping them remember who the are.... Teaching non-violent communication.  By introducing talking circles, sweat lodges, herb and nature walks, working with Plant medicines and animals.  Past board member of PoohaBah Native Healing center, Sundancer, Supporter, Sacred Studies Ministry Program Student, Entrepreneur.

Candice Romanow Grandmother (Mimi) Candice Romanow, spent her twenty first year alone in the mountains. This opened her life, in a natural way, to multiple domains of love possibiliites. At that time, she declared her commitment to this planet in wholeness with All That Is.

Mimi Candice is a grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, friend.  She is an acupuncturist, herbalist, organic gardener, dancer, drummer and lover of inquiry and evolution. Candice spent years in India and Africa. She always lived with the people in small communites and learned their cultural ways. In the US she has faithfully followed the Red Road for thirty years, "I am a ceremonial person, a lover of community ways, and counciling ways. My Work is with healing and honoring the Generations and the Ancestors. I pray with and for the Fire, the Water, the Earth and the Air.".

Donna L. Goodman is an action-oriented visionary with a passion for ‘connecting the drops’ on all levels for enhanced coordination, cooperation and concerted action, blessed by very practical life experiences as a single mother raising three wonderful children with an amazingly unique, often mysterious and rapidly changing career path.

In the private sector, she developed a company, Little Scientists, learning the wonders of Mother Earth through hands-on science. She integrates this knowledge with essential spiritual and metaphysical truths. At the UN she teaches peace through science! Convening water ceremonies at the UN with rainbow glasses (and magnets) as tools to help facilitate understanding of the profound and often ignored reality of the invisible forces on our planet. These grew to become part of initiatives such International Day of Peace, Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence and World Water Day. Through the rainbow glasses Donna was able to help people to understand that every drop of water is the prism which reflects the “seemingly white light” into the billions of unique and essential colors which represent the soul’s purpose of each and every one alive on Earth.

As a result of her peace through science work she was commissioned to write a book for the UN, “Every Body Counts, Every Drop Matters: United Nations Classroom Resource Guide on Water. She was recruited by UNICEF in the area of water and sanitation, leading to children’s environmental health and climate change. In UNICEF, she was blessed to meet children, visit Mother Earth’s most sacred water places. She has returned to Earth Child Institute www.earthchildinstitute.org to integrate all of this blessed learning into practical programs which we sincerely hope can be of service to Mother Earth, her children, water and trees in this incredibly sacred and pivotal time.




Eleanora Amendolara is a master healer and teacher who helps people rediscover the internal sense of balance that enables them to find harmony in all relationships: with the self, others, and the environment as a whole. Her work is directed by the needs of her clients; she evaluates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual and helps to direct the energy that will facilitate healing.

Eleanora has studied with healers, herbalists, anthropologists, physicists, mystics, as well as with the peoples of ancient indigenous cultures on four continents. In addition, she is one of the leading Health Kinesiology (HK) trainers in the field.

A pioneer of unique healing modalities, Eleanora has developed a number of innovative techniques including "CHILL: Chumpi Illumination.” The twelve sacred Andean Chumpi stones are used to promote individual and planetary healing by helping to resolve conflicts, revitalize chakras, release unwanted patterns, and reconnect to the pure self. She has also formulated the Andean Water Essences. These vibrational waters have been collected from sacred sites around Peru and have been crafted to support individuals in the journey to embody an expanding consciousness.

In 2007, Eleanora founded the Sacred Center School for the Healing Arts. Students new to energy healing as well as those who want to enhance existing professional expertise attend the school in order to master practical and transformational skills. They complete the program with certification as healing arts practitioners, but also emerge having undergone a profound personal evolution.

In service to her students and clients, Eleanora awakens their innate ability to become lifelong healers for themselves and others.

www.sacredcenter.net          www.awessences.com          www.facebook.com/sacredcenter

F My name is Elif.  I am a being of Light in temporary human form here to help other beings with changes and shifts that are occurring on Earth and that will continue to occur on Earth. I am here to love and to guide. How this phyically manifests into form varies: healing, ceremonies, workshops, writing, speaking are some examples. Life's experiences have helped me gain Wisdome and Knowledge. I incorporate these, too, to help others find their Inner Light. The newletter I began in September 2011, has to do with these ongoing shifts and changes, yet without getting enmeshed in them. Positivity, hope, love are the intentions of the newsletter which is called The New Earth Times. It is free. If you would like a copy, I will be happy to email it to you. You can email me at elife3@ymail.com. OneLove. OneTribe.



Jan Stewart  I'm an artist (art teacher/therapist). Much is channeled. I'm a catalyst for healing and use the alchemy of sacred geometry, Reiki, Tacyon Disks and implement it into pyramid healing and cosmic art.  I am also grateful to have Skyhawk Retreat and am guardian of the Temple of the One here in the Sierra Nevada's 

Many Blessings to all. Jan/ Grandmother I ya ka shaw ka shaw (Beautiful Dreamer)



Janelle Grace. I have been a practitioner of yoga and meditation for many years. I have studied and practiced different healing arts from different traditions. I teach and use Ho'O Pono Pono for healing all living waters, We gave a water healing ceremony on the 11th of each month at noon, I am happy to be a member of this World Wide Sisterhood.
Janelle, Eugene Oregon... janella444@yahoo.com


  Jill Marie experienced visitations from Mother Mary and Jesus for three years of her childhood. These great masters were a constant presence throughout those tumultuous years. Mary and Jesus continue to support Jill Marie’s evolution to higher consciousness and the continued expansion of the enlightenment technique SVH.

Jill Marie is the founder of The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique and spends her time writing instructional manuals, channeling, teaching and speaking on topics of sovereignty, personal empowerment and mastery. She is one of the foremost experts in the world on the topics of the ancient mastery schools of Earth and the advent of humanity and its progression throughout the ages.


  JoAnn SkyWatcher.  My core spiritual belief is that God/Goddess/Spirit is all there is. I am a licensed spiritual coach, with most of my healing work done via phone. Since I have been using Emotional Freedom Techniques, I have learned to trust my intuition and use humor to help people clear stubborn issues that they are ready to let go of. I particularly enjoy working with groups. My book "Touched by a Miracle: EFT Healing Stories" is now available. You can learn more about my coaching at http://wayhealthy.us.

For me, it is all Spirit. When I work with clients, I see them as Spirit. When I take photographs, I frame Spirit in a way that is pleasing to me. I live on the coastal hills of northern California, having the fortune of living in the same place since the mid-seventies. 90% of my photos, were taken within walking distance of my yurt in nature. Many say, that my photo-art is a portal allowing whoever looks at my images to receive a spiritual transmission. It is my intent for you to feel better during and after looking at my images.

I chose to be a water sister to help bring awareness to the water on mother earth. I also know the power of prayer. I know our prayers make a difference.

You can reach me at 707-462-2501. If you like to tweet, you can reach me at I am @MiraclesGoddess. My email address is joann@wayhealthy.us. May you never thirst.


Judith Moore is a mother of six adopted children and nine grandchildren. She served for 20 years as a child advocate and educator for adoptive parents. She is the former chairman of the Citizens Review Board in New Mexico. She was a prime force in the growth of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture locally and nationally. She administrated the acupuncture clinic of Dr. J. Michael Moore, her former husband for 28 years, and his Kaju Kenpo Martial Arts Dojo (school) for 16 years.

Judith lives in the sacred valley of Chimayo, New Mexico with her husband, Randall Hansen. Randy is a professional international airline pilot. He shares her vision, they work together as a team working towards world peace, global healing, and the awakening of Heaven on Earth.

Judith is an Oracle for the Records of Creation/The Records of RA. www.recordsofcreation.com

I enter visionary states to convey mystical transmissions. I am able to receive all communications that are for the highest good from the other side of the veil while my conscious and enter altered states that facilitate the energetic balance of the electro-magnetic energies in the dimensional fields. I am a conscious trance medium and adept at Multi-dimensional journeywork.

My training and preparation was guided from the other realms. I have totally surrendered my life to the service of God, as an instrument of the Divine for the Awakening of the New Heaven-New Earth. It is my intent to be a pure messenger and vessel in service to Divine Creator. I monitor my work for clarity and purity. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and the assistance from the mystical realms that make this work possible.


Judith Murray  In the 1990's interviewed and worked with Grandma Twylah of the Seneca nation near Buffalo, NY, before she moved to Florida to live with a son. The films and TV shows Twylah took part in are "Full Circle" NFB early 90's and Celebrate the Earth, TV special 1995 CTV and YTV Canada.

I have done video work with First Nations people, Toronto, iSplit Creek, Manitoba, iMontreal region, Buffalo area, and 4 Treaty tribes (72) in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan- at the time Perry Bellegarde was chief. I have worked with elders at gathering near Fort Qu'Appelle, notably with Lorraine Yuzicapi.

I have worked with Chief John,Turtle clan Mohawk, south shore near Montreal, and many others.. Chief John (now with the ancestors) told me I am a bridge between cultures. And of my life long dreams of wolves, "Oh, you are Wolf clan."

I endeavor to make my life a blessing for Mother Earth. I am very concerned with respect for our four footed brothers and sisters, winged ones and those with gills. We are part of the whole, together. We are all interconnected.

My prayers continue each day of course for Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather sun, the four directions, the four seasons, and the balance of life on our planet. Each day my intent is compassion for and to all sentient beings. Blessings to all the peace makers and the balance givers and the healers...Miigwetch.


In harmony with all living beings, all the kingdoms.Miigwetch. judith.murray@bell.net or judith@terra-images.com


  Judy Kopf is now retired from the Insurance Business. Judy is currently a member of the Roseland Lions Club directing her energies to fundraising for a Youth Center and library in her area. For 10 years Ms. Kopf was a facilitator and trainer for the American Lung Association. She is a Clan Mother of the Bear Clan of Medicine Creek Métis and works closely with others seeking help in many facets of life.

Kallisto Nikoliadou (Bluestar-Kachina) has studied Psychic Development in London, Goddess teachings from the Temples of the Great Goddess all over the world as a ceremonial Prietess of Her from Greece, opening the Divine Feminine Path for the Female Lineage for the return of the Great Goddess to our planet, in order to bring Balance, Harmony and Peace. 

She is a qualified energy healter (Reiki Master, Egyptian Reiki, Lightarian, Shamballa multidimensional healer and channel of the Galactic SHE. A Crystal Sound Ambassador of the Ancient Crystalling Temples of Sacred Earth for guiding people there, for Rememberance- awakening more beings Starseeds.

For 10 years she has been offering healing to the old Timelines of Gaia offering Water Ceremononies for the restoration, healing to the Water Grids of Earth (especially in the area of Greece) supporting her transition to the Cosmic Awareness and New Earth Era.






Kate Bowditch I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor living and practicing in Washington, teaching and lecturing nationally. I am published Outlook Magazine, The Journal of American Bonzai, The Hypnogram and Circle Magazine and been a columnist for Hyno-News and the Voice of Choices.

"20-20 Insight, Advanced Theory and Practice of Hypnosis" was published 2008, examining how the subconscious mind works and how a hypnotherapist can assist a client in change. it is based on my professional work of more than 20 years. "The Mountain and the Shadow, a Pagan's Journey into Death", 2010, is the journal of the I kept through his end of life experience while he battled cancer, then decided to walk his Final Journey without chemicals and with incredible grace. 

Visit my webpages, explore and comment freely. The main subjects are the inner workings of this creation called human. My emphasis is how to remain aware and hopeful in a sometimes doubtful and scary world. You are welcome to join this discussion Kate. http://katedowditch.com

  Grandmother Katherine Blossom is an Elder and Spiritual leader of the Western Shoshone. For over 30 years she has worked as a counselor in the Elk County School District where she retired in 2002. Grandmother was proclaimed Elder of the Year in 2001 for her dedication to youth and parents. Grandmother Katherine worked closely with Corbin Harney for the Poo-Ha-Bah Hot Springs which means “Doctor Water”. Grandmother Blossom is a most beloved Sun Dance Elder and continues to lead all peoples with drumming, songs and traditional ceremonies. “We should be grateful to Mother Earth that she gives us all that we have!”

Kathryn Shanti Ariel Wise Woman, Nature Whisperer, Medicine Woman, Advocate.Kathryn is an Elemental Force of Genesis (Judith Moore). The elemental forces of water and wind are the strongest through her Being, bringing great cleansing and changes along with deep nurturing and reflection.Her primary service is to elevate the animal kingdom back into the earth experience of unity, of heaven through her service as an advocate allowing her true Presence to express through her in joy, strength and wisdom.

Lifelong passions compelled her to help pioneer a new movemnet of the use of Holistic Healing modalities for Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery, in both humans and animals. Her greatest inspriation has come from communing with Nature in all its forms in a deep soul connection to Earth's creatures (seen and unseen) which found its expression as a Medicial Intuitve and Interspecies Communicator. 

Kathryn embraces a wide variety of training: a degree in Outdoor Education-University of West Florida, Mountaineering Training- Sierra Club, Nature Camp- Wind River Mountins of Wyoming-Audubon Society, First Aid and CPR Training- Red Cross and Natropathy, Macro Nutrition, Massage, Homopathy, Herbology, Energy Healing and Flower Essences. 

A maturing of experiental wisdom came through years of work with the Sierra Club, Audubon, Greenpeace, Project Wildlife, Fund for Animals, Defenders of Wildlife, Native Plant Society, Girl Scouts and the Red Cross. As an Herbalist, Nature Interpreter, and Traditional ("Alternative") Medicine Advocate, Kathryn embraces the Indigenous Sciences, working with minerals, plants, animals, the elements - all Life to bring forth the part of the Divine Design that she is resposible for accomplishing.

Kathryn travels with her canine companions to where they are called to service and be served in loving equality.  www.kathrynshantiariel.com  www.holisticemergencycare.com 





  Greetings!!! My name is Kaycie Chester, friends call me Bubbles. I have the great pleasure of living in the woods of the Mother where I grow, gather, collect and learn about a bounty of wonderful treasures. I am blessed to share the property with a wonderful collection of critters and beasts both domestic and wild. I am a Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch, a Reiki Master, trained herbalist, teacher of Herbology and a spiritual store owner. Each day I work to learn, to grow, to share, to love and to heal. I feel honored to be holding hands and working with such a wonderful group of people. My philosophy is to walk gently, find a really cool stick, and share the joy all around! (A little pink and Faery Dust never hurts, either.)

professorbubbles@yahoo.com, 540-272-9524




Kerry Jewel Koenig I have been studying under different teachers constantly since my journey started but my journey really has just began. I am always seeking new learning. This is very important to me. I love doing Ceremony. It is my passion. I have spent some years studying with Grandmother Robin Youngblood and more recently I have been training with a woman named Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis. I have just earned a certificate as an Advanced Four Elemental Mothers Ceremonial Practitioner but believe my journey here has just begun as well. I find much love and blessings with Spirit living a peaceful and sacred life. I have recently been guided to learn more from the Sidhe a very Peaceful People. Oooh...also I have recently just gone through an Osun Sacred Water Pot Ceremony in which I was connected spiritually to the energies of Osun the Nigerian Goddess of the fresh waters. It was a beautiful initiation and I am extremely grateful and so so blessed.

I do have a business name which is "The Indigo Crow" and more recently I have been guided by Spirit to begin a movement called "Peace For the People" which has become rooted in one local yoga center and I and others are working on getting it started in other locations, centers and studios. People come together to talk about ways in which they can spread peace, love, compassion, forgiveness and healing into their world and communities and we do actions together as well.







LaVonne Rees:  I believe I came into my adult world as a left brain thinker, very analytical. It wasn't until life circumstances brought me back into the reality of the Sacred Feminine that I began to balance my left and right brain activities. I started Holistic classes and became an energy healer. From there I started facilitating Women's retreats for other Women who felt out of balance.

After my first real retreat I was driving home from Sedona, and I started speaking about Dolphins (why in the middle of the desert only divinity knows). I started speaking about how they had a message to share with us. Imagine myself and the shock speaking these words that I had no idea where they were coming from, while in my "other" world I might be considered a little crazy for speaking. However, my body's response was excited, and it knew I had to follow the awareness into action. For my next birthday I went to Kauai, out in the waters and received a message telepathically from a spinner Dolphin. He (or she) did a beautiful Dance about 20 feet from me. Our gaze met at eye level, and I received the message that I was to send my energy work back into the water to assist with her healing. From that day forward I started ceremonies and finding every way to complete that action.

Over the years I have come across others with this passion and about 9 months ago felt a desire to bring all of us together, yet allow us to keep to our authentic paths and purposes.

So here I am. I believe I am a bridge connector, a weaver.

LaVonne Rees
Co-Author for Conscious Choices, An Evolutionary Women's Guide to Life
Founder of Divine Goddess Retreats



Wishing you a life filled with joy and passion, always Nurture the Goddess Within.


Magdala Her path and her work started early in her life. She was born a Shamaness, and was initated and trained by the spirit to bring the message of Sacredness of feminity and the Union of Polarities. She grew up among the pyramids and the ancient wisdom in southern Mexico around both the Maya and Aztec people. She spent many years there studying and sharing information with the elders of the area. She has worked for 35 years with the ancient knowledge of the feminine ways, warrior woman and Sacred Dance. She has held workshops and lectures in Mexico and the United States. Her knowledge and love for the people is a blessing for all relations. www.unionofpolarities.com  www.schoolofenlightment.com 

Her writings: "I AM You", "Sacredness of the Union of Polarities", "Sacred Sex...ancient teachings for women". "Mayan Runes" and "MOON CODEX"



Mary Ellen Ryall: I am a life long herbalist who studied Ethnobotany with Ojibwe people at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College, Hayward, WI. I have been gathering native wild edibles and medicinal herbs for most of my adult life, in South America and North America. Our non-profit Happy Tonics, Inc has an herbal and Indigenous native crop garden at the Lac Courte Tribal Farm in Hayward, WI. In 2015, the Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Shell Lake, WI was dismantled for progress sake (parking lots, widening of Highway 63) and transplanted to the tribal farm (LCO Agriculture and Research Station) so that winged species, the pollinators, will be protected along with the native plants they depend on. In 2014, I moved to Saratoga Springs, NY. This is the home of my ancestors. I am focusing on Herbal Keepers as a Mission: We teach about the importance of pollinators for a protected local food security. We are the protectors of the Green Nation at https://www.facebook.com/Natural-Pollinator-Habitat-Saratoga-Springs-New-York-257029861007844/?ref=hl.

We need to safeguard water and the green nation for the future, not for ourselves, but for the next generation and generations to come. Ceremony is the center of our Beings and we are honored to be called the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites. Water, plant and pollinator advocacy is at www.butterflywomanpublishing.com


  Meg Beeler, MAT weaves the living energy of stars & mountains, water and trees in her experiential teaching and healing. She has been practicing shamanism and Andean cosmology for 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area. She leads experiential workshops and an apprenticeship program; offers Munay-Ki transmissions; and leads despacho ceremonies. Meg is the founder of Earth Caretakers. Find her blog on shifting consciousness and other visionary writing at http://www.earthcaretakers.net.

Meg adds, “My heart's direction always follows the path of the living energy of all beings, as well as the profound teachings from Medicine for the Earth and core shamanism. The interrelationship of the five elements, both in our bodies and on the planet, continues to be a big teacher for me. I've been working with sacred waters in ceremony for 25 years! I draw on movement meditations from many traditions to observe and embody elemental relationships that bring us into an open-hearted unity consciousness. I believe that our 'world work' in ceremony together complements personal healing, feeds us, and is necessary for the survival of our world.”


Michelle Saurette:  I have practiced and studied wellness for twenty years. My fascination with teaching and inspiring others to understand their options fills me. My formal training is of the osteopathic model along with cranial sacral therapy.  Over the last 10 years I have also studied the subtler energies and now work with many tools of knowledge in all my sessions. Herbology, perm-a-culture, aromatherapy, fishing, and hiking are some of my passions.

My love for the Earth and all is wonders can be found in my art and photography. I make eco art power pieces in the form of jewellery ,wands, wind chimes, candles, window charms and mirrors. As a "Rock Hound" from my earliest memories I found myself collecting all kinds of gems from nature. My feather & crystal are always growing. My love for nature has me working with on waterfall tours.  We have a Women are from Venus program. We bring celebration to the forest in various forms...getting back to the natural state of breathing instills godess energy beside the water, what a gift. I am privileged to live in one of Britsh Columbia's most green spaces near in the Okanagan within the Monashee mountain range. I have followed www.gogratitude.com for 5 years now . I look forward to all these exiting times ahead of us.  www.mchellesaurette.com


Minthé Water missionary, known as "the Water Shaman", Minthé was born in Wallonia (Belgium).

Adopted daughter of Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, an elder of the Apache Tradition, she received from her the "Warrior Woman Initiation".

Her Apache name is "Hatch Oh Neh" (Standing Strong Woman).

Minthé walks her path with the Aguas Unidas (United Sacred Waters of Mother Earth). Initiator of the "7 Directions Sacred Dance" , of the non-profit organization "la Caravane des Sources" (the well's caravan) , of women circles "Filles de la Lune et de l'Eau" (Daughters of the Moon and the Water), and of the "Aguas Unidas Project"  for water in Africa. Certified Sacred BreathworkT Facilitator and  Shamanic counselor by Crows Nest International. Reiki practitioner and teacher. Zen Tarot counselor. Member of "Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites", of the O.B.O.D. (order of Bards, Ovates and Druids), of the "Collège de chamanisme ancestral" (Ancestral Shamanism Council) and of the "Cercle de Sagesse de l'Union des Traditions Ancestrales" (Wisdom council of Ancestral Traditions Union). Director of Crows Nest Europe. Individual consultations on appointment.

Le Village 07110 Beaumont - Adrèche - France minthe@olive.fr   www.aguasunidas.com  http://www.la-caravane-des-sources.com/  https://www.facebook.com/Minthe?ref=profile

  Momfeather Erickson is champion of Native American ways in Kentucky.  She is a loving wife, mother and grandmother, dedicated to her familyand community, no different in that respect from many other women in western Kentucky. But there the similarities end. For her alter-ego, "Momfeather," is very different indeed. Poet, publisher, activist and teacher of "the old ways," Erickson, one-half Cherokee, has devoted the last few years of her life to educating those around her on the tribe's role in Kentucky history.

"That trail was made by the buffalo and walked on by the Indians long before Boone came through the Gap," she insists

As director of the Mantle Rock Native Education and Cultural Center in Marion, Momfeather (Feather) - a name she was given by her paternal grandmother - is relentless in her quest to bring to Native Americans and especially the Cherokee the respect she feels they are entitled to.  "To this day, no Native American tribes are recognized in Kentucky, even with so many Cherokee groups living all across the state, and for this, I feel great sadness," she says. (they have made it to legislation)

As a result, she spreads the word - and her pride in her heritage - any way she can, as the author of seven books, from Momfeather Cooks Native American to Native American Children's Stories Warmly Told to Woman of the Wind, a book of poetry saluting her female ancestors, and as advisor, contributor and publisher of Turtle Tales, a bi-weekly Native American newspaper for students.

Then, of course, there is her work as educator, storyteller and community activist, serving as a board member of United Native America, formed in 2001 to strengthen Native communities and preserve native culture; as a spiritual elder of Mother Earth, a hemispheric council entrusted with keeping native prophecies and traditions alive, and for four years, as chief elder of the Southern Band of Cherokees. She is Ambassador for the American Indian Mothers and a Commissioner for the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission.

While Momfeather has always had reverence for her Cherokee relations who first came to Leslie County in the early 1830's during the time of removal from their tribal lands in North Carolina, her activism was jump-started five years ago after what she will only describe as "a spiritual experience" at Mantle Rock in Livingston County, stop on the Trail of Tears. She was so affected by the experience that she made the move from Nebraska, where she was living at the time, back to Kentucky to "do my part to help bring back our traditions."

Her latest project is the recreation of a village on 56 acres of land in Marion which will "illustrate the time period when our people were taken from their homes," she explains. "We will have a museum, an interpretive center, genealogy lab...we've even started our buffalo herd."

At 71, Martha Erickson may be at the age when most women are ready to retire, but Momfeather sees no end in sight. "I told my husband that as long as I have this important work to do, I will just keep on going." momfeathr@aol.com 



Sister Morningstar I have dedicated a lifetime to the preservation of instinctual birth among native people. Raised in the Ozark Mountains within the influence of Cherokee traditions, I birthed my daughters at home and have helped thousands of other wimyn find empowerment through instinctual birth. I have served on State, National and International Boards helping to oversee the development of midwifery certification programs. I am the founder of a spiritual retreat center and author of books related to instincutal and spiritual living. I live as a Cherokee Hermitess and Catholic Mystic in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  visit:  sistermorningstar.com  sister@sistermorningstar.com


Pamela Falciani came to the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites by a natural 25 year progression of synchronicity guided by Spirit/Mother-Father God/The Grandmothers. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, intuitive healer and Shamanic drummer. She has facilitated and guided sacred circles dedicated to the healing of the earth and personal growth. Currently, she leads monthly meetings of the Great Council of Grandmothers, www.grandmothersspeak.com, an international group, dedicated to restoring the yin and yang balance upon the earth by re-empowering women and giving comfort to men assisted by the healing meditation of the Net of Light. As an intuitive water medium artist she incorporates the healings of Reiki into all of her artwork. Her inspiration comes from the colors of life and manifests with the intuitive insight from within guided by Spirit. Even the elements are her muse. Through her artwork the light shines.

With an open heart filled with love, she performs life changing ceremonies like weddings, baby welcomings and land clearings.

Her connections to the fairy kingdom, angels, sacred ancestors, Mother Earth and the Waters created a perfect segue to the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites.  starlight8888@comcast.net


Paulina Feriancova - My name is Paulína Feriancová. I live in Slovakia, a country of many rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, underground streams, many springs and rich sources of mineral Water. I love the Water Spirit. I feel that a lot of healing has to happen soon. I pray for Water. I sing to it. I teach my son to treasure it. I feel that we need to protect Water, show respect, show compassion.

Well, thank you for all the work you do. The good news is, it is happening everywhere, even here in Slovakia or Czech republic. All the best,from  the heart,


Here are some links to water songs I've written. The song is in Slovak - my native language, and the translation would be:

Drop after drop, slowly falling from the sky
Drop after drop, in thousands, it creates me and you
Belowed, wild, calm..... Water, Water
Take me to your hands
pour me into your heart, Water, Water
Belowed, wild, calm..... Water, Water


I pray for you, I am pouring out of my heart a prayer for you, Water........


And there is also another song we wrote for Mother:





Rain on the Earth is a Priestess of the Sun in Mother's Garden (indigo an Turquoise Rays). An ancient global order dedicated as a bridge and Wayshower between all peoples, cultures and Creation. She has 40 years of shamanic training and experience in intertribal and intercultural work.

Rain is the bearer of the ancient Celtic Christmas Ceremony, "13 Angels Singing" (commonly known as the 12 Days of Christmas) which was passed on to her in 1978, from her teacher, Mello Rye, a Cherokee/Irish medicine woman.

Rain has been in the forefront of transformational movements since the 1960's. Her own personal challenges and transitions throughout her lifetime along with extensive training and practical application in this field, including a Master's in NLP, make her a powerful catalyst for successful life changes. Rain is the Liaison for Indigenous People for Belvaspata, "Healing of the Heart", the sacred healing modality given directly from the Creator Mother-through the seer, Almine to accommodate the changing laws of our cosmos. Rain on the Earth is most excited about the aspect of planetary healing through Belvaspata occurring in concert with personal healing as a proxy for the planet. email. dancingastherain@gmail.com



Renya Craig - renyacreations@gmail.com    Living in New England by the shoreline is where I reside, although like Turtle, I feel at home wherever I am. My joy is co*creating with heaven and earth through the sacred arts of Inner Listening, Praying and Playing. I create and collaborate in a myriad of ways as a Rainbow Connector, a Soul Essence Artist, and Bard for the New Earth.

The Divine Sisterhood has been my dedicated calling since 1997, after experiencing a powerful transmission from Great Mother called "MAWOMBA - Wisdom of the Womb" inspiring me to gather resonant women in sacred kinship.

Spirit has recently led me to learn of the Water Blessing Ceremonies. What a beautiful dedicated community. I am deeply honored to be among you blessing the waters of precious earth.


Rev. Robin Tekwelus Youngblood Okanagon/Tsalagi, minister of Church of the Earth, has been a student of her heritage for many years. She has studied with Indigenous elders of own tribes, along with African, Siberian and Aboriginal leaders. Robin believes that the only way to create harmony and avoid disaster in these times is to learn to attune ourselves to our Earth Mother's natural rythms through ritual, ceremony, chant and dance.

"I love to sing, honor the ancestors, and share the ancient teachings with others. Please join me for Dreaming Shaman Workshops, Retreats and Ceremonies where together we can bring balance to Mother Earth and All Our Relations"  www.dreamingshaman.com  

Our first Sisterhood blog entry is for our sister, Robin, a survivor of the Oso Mudslide who is working deligently for her community. We are honored to walk with her and to work with her in our Sisterhood.


S Shalahnia Kimberling.  I am metis, my mother being the only one of 8 children who told her children of their Indian heritage. My mother imparted to me from an open heart, the wisdom that we must enter into our heartspace to find the truth. I lost her too soon at 19 years of age.

I became involved in my culture when working on my BA, and that began to flame my fire. Through connections made while participating in the Native American Student Association during that time, I was introduced to much; including the teachings of the 13 Original Clan Mothers. It was during that time that I began to dream and have vision.

I had a most powerful initiation on the Solstice of 2009, and my immediate ancestors began to communicate with me in July of that year. I began to sense a call to work with balancing the yin and yang energies on earth, in September 2009, and initiated an online book study of the 13 Original Clan Mothers, by Jamie Sams.

After being deeply touched by a water blessing by Grandmother Julieta at the 7th International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in December 2009, a seed was planted and I offered my first water blessings ceremony May 18th 2010. I received the Grandmother's empowerment (Sharon McErlane) in January, 2010 and work with my local group.

I have served childbearing women and families as a registered nurse, midwife assistant, and as a public school teacher, I am currently retired. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner.



Sharon Riegie Maynard My journey has lead me through the shadows of hidden roads, shown me the wisdom hidden in the bone of our ancestors, filled my sould with the light of new possibilities. We are all born with soul purpose. Often we must work beyond our inherited dysfunctional, other lifetime patternes to rediscover what that is. Then, we work beyond our fear to accomplish it!

My initial soul purpose was really a demand! I will have a large family in this lifetime. Ah...what an honor

Next, I was called under great protest, into spiritual energy work to unravel the cause of humanity's pain!

Now, as I wind my way into eldership, I am called again to share the hidden knowledge that I was given along my journey.

Although I am a mother, grandmother, teacher, author, radical mystic, and listerner, most importantly, I am a lover of life and people!

I am off again on the adventure.... Join me!   www.sharonriegiemaynard.com




Sharon McErlane, founder of Grandmothers Speak, author of 'A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak' and 'Our Love Is Our Power', teaches and leads groups around the world, spreading the message of the Great Council of the Grandmothers. “The time is now,” the Grandmothers say, “and women must lead. It can be no other way.”

"I am honored to stand with all of you, in one heart, holding the Net of Light for one another, for Mother Earth and for everything that lives. Thank you for inviting me to be part of this work."


Shelley Ruth Wyndham: I offer the work I do, on a full time basis and have done so for the past ten years.I walk my talk and stand in my integrity to do what is right with all of my heart.All my life I have been inspired by Gandhi's words ''be the change that I seek in this world.'' and I stand in this and for this and inspire others to do the same by showing others it is possible. I am a clear channel, a hollow bone, a conduit in service of the Creator,as messages flow through to me with visions and intuitive wisdom from my Higher Self.This is a gift from the Creator,it is how the Creator has made me for which I am grateful and humble. I offer my work on the basis of helping humanity to wake up, to change our ways and to unite to help our Mother with prayers and deep respect and honour for her and her sacred Waters within our beings and everywhere, all of which require purification,protection and on going guardianship.I welcome this sisterhood connection.   shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za        http://www.spiritworldmedicine.co.za


Shine Apsara is a passionate visionary and humanitarian with a deep love for Mother Earth and all her relations. She has dedicated her life to inspiring other to make lifestyle changes "To experience others awakeinging to their own Inner Light really Lights me up!" she shares enthusiastically. She has a certification in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teaching people across the globe for almost a decade 

Shine is a live foods guru and owner of Sunshine Living Foods, creating her own line of organic, raw, gluten-free and vegan foods available in Farmer's Markets and retail shorts on the Sunshine coast in British Columbia. All her creations are made with Love, the true essence of life. 

Shine is most passionate about her 28 Day Live Foods DeRAWx Detox Program witnessing the transformation of human beings. She also offers Raw Food workshops, catering and lifestyle coaching. Creator of the Raw Aura Alchemy Temple, a co-creative healing sancturay that nourishes the body, mind and soul. This sacred space travels to gathering and festivals collaborating with some of north America's most beloved artists, healers and raw foodies. Shine is a Reiki Master, devoted mother and inspirational leader in her community, facilitating New Moon Women's Circles and Full Moon Meditations. Her secret joys are days of silent contemplation, road trips, hot springs, deep laughter and watching her daughter grow! 



  Sister Rosemarie, a cloistered Nun whose vocation led to Africa, as co-foundress of a Monastery for African women, and continued in inter-religious dialogue with world religions and explorations of Native American tribal traditions culminates in a search for a permanent hermitage in a world cluttered with noise, over-population, and little understanding that "there is nothing like God so much as Stillness" and "at the Still-point of the turning world...there is the dance."
  Sophia walks her talk on her Sacred Way and loves to be in Service for Mother Earth and the next seven generations. She is a facilitator of women's circles, healer and leader of sacred circles. From 2005 she supported the "International Council of the 13 Grandmothers" sharing their teachings in sacred ceremonies. In 2008, she met the 13 Elders in Spain and offered to translate the book "Grandmothers counsel the world" (from Carol Schaeffer) into French . She is honored to participate in this way, because she thinks that traditional knowing and traditional wisdom are the "key of saving our humanity and our Mother Earth". From this meeting in 2008, she carried their blessing and sacred water, sharing it with people in ceremonies. In may 2010, called by the Divine Mother through the voice of Marie de Magdala, she organized a pilgrimage for the Sacred Water: from the cave of Marie de Magdala and the Mediterranean Sea (south of France) to the Sacred Spring of Santiago de Compostel and the Atlantic Ocean (Spain) - collecting Sacred Water, praying for healing of water places in the way and mixing all these Sacred Waters. www.spirituel.com

Susan Amari Gold is a facilitator of women's circles, subtle energy balancing and founder of Two Moons Tea Company, a vital herbal health resource. A devoted student of natural healing arts, her studies include flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, gemstone energy therapy, ancestral lineage clearing, and zero point energy therapy. Susan is a Keeper of the Women’s Full Moon Healing Water Ceremony via New Dream Foundation and currently resides in Ashland, Oregon.  www.essential-wisdom.com

"I continue to be called by Spirit to be a voice for the Divine Feminine, to be a reflection to Women as the Great Mother sees us. It is my joy and honor to do so.  May we continue to see the best of ourselves, that we may also continue to call forth more from the Divine through ourselves into this world."

T Tonya Whitedeer Cargill is a Clan Mother of the Bear Clan of Medicine Creek Métis in Laytonville, CA. She holds women’s circles and Grandmother Net of Light Ceremonies. She is one of the Ambassadors’ for the Sacred White Buffalo Family in Northern Oregon. She is currently working on a novel that is coming to her through Spirit. Tonya works with endangered species Medicines of the Green Nation and maintains a Medicine Walk open to the public to educate all those that come to her land named through Spirit as Medicine Creek.
W As the youngest woman to climb North America's highest peak Mt. McKinley or Denali in her late teens and having built largest crystal drum in North America indicates that White Eagle Medicine Woman has enormous vision, creativity, and determination, all gifts of a far seeing leader.

White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) is the director and drum keeper of the International GrandMother Drum Peace Project. She is an international shamanic healer, seer, and ritual and performance artist who has traveled the world for over thirty years, performing, teaching, healing and inspiring thousands . Her CDs include Journey of the Heart, Songlines of the Soul and Living Waters of Grace. She is the director and co-producer of the newly released documentary film GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global Heart. She is also the founder and director of The Whirling Rainbow Foundation and the Rainbow Fire Mystery School in Palmer, Alaska. whirlingrainbowfoundation@gmail.com


Whitefawn Star.  Rev. Caroline Dawley is a Reiki Master and ordained minister of the Church of the Creator. I AM a Lightworker and Holistic Health Pract.,Global Peace Advocate; Publisher of Global Messenger, and Ascension News..Facilitator of Peace Circles and UN International Day of Peace Vigil Facilitator. Keeper of a World Peace Flame.

• A lightworker bringing together the Nations for Peace; spreading the news of Ascension. Healing the Sacred Hoop of Nations through Global Meditation and Drumming Circles on the Crystaline Grid.


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