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Channeling by Judith Moore

The Thirteenth Grandmother, Shankashea Awanie.
Portrait by Christel Hoppenbrouwers

I am the 13th Grandmother. My voice is the voice of all of us. Hear me as I speak these words of truth from the center of everything. I speak all languages. I understand all ways and my path is that of honoring that which gives us life. Our council is at the center of all that is. What you feel now is our presence, our life, what you are breathing now is our wisdom. What you are feeling now is our heartbeat. What you are receiving now is good medicine. We are here. We send forth our voices calling the people to remember the wisdom of our teachings. Listen from your heart. We call you home. Aho.

 We have built sacred lodges. Places of wisdom and healing for the people. Now our lodge is at the center. The time of the wisdom way has come; the door to our lodge is open. Within the heart of your Mother Earth is the place of balance it is called the place of the sacred peace. We have built our lodge at the center of this peace. We have called Sacred Council. We have called our messengers to our lodge through dreamtime. We have spoken to our messengers here at this center.

 When our council came together the younger women held space for us in dreamtime. In the morning they forget their grandmother dreams, they forgot that they had come to our lodge. Some of them seek a way to come back to our wisdom.

Now the Grandmother heart of this sacred Earth grows strong. The people prepare to honor the wisdom ways, The Wisdom Keepers forgot their way back to our lodge, but now they will remember.

We send out a calling song to the four directions now as we call council. We call for a time of remembrance that the wisdom ways become as natural as breathing, a way of Being and not just a place to come to. Every moment filled with prayers of gratitude for the honor of walking upon this sacred earth.

Our messengers, the ones who remembered their way back to our lodge are sending out our voice. They are our voice. They speak words of wisdom from this council. This is a beginning, the beginning of a medicine way that will heal this sacred Earth and heal the heart of the people. This is the coming of a time when the medicine in the lodge becomes more powerful. A time when the people remember who they are. The people remember their way back to our lodge. When we speak to them they will begin to remember the sacred dreams. They will begin to know how to walk in beauty on this sacred Earth.

Each of us are Star teachers. Each of us speaks the language of the ancients. Each of us knows our way, the ancient pathways of the Star people. We know these pathways. Many Star teachers from the Star Nations will come to Earth through our lodge. When they come through our lodge at the center of everything we will be here on this sacred Earth knowing the vows; knowing the sacred law of respect. Knowing that life is given and received and the vows must be honored.

The presence of this council will be felt. We will send our messengers to speak in the great building where the Many Nations come together. When one of our messengers travel, when one of our messengers speak the truth of this council, the wisdom of this council will be heard, received and honored.



A Message from the Grandmothers:

Oh how we love you all! Please know that we are with you always! Ready to offer you whatever you need in your times of beckoning.

Our message comes from the conclusion of our last council gathering…..yes we need to take care of business too! It seems as though several of us have connected to serve with added information for the Medicine that needs to be dispersed out at this time.

These are the times when Grandmother Bear stands very close to her children. Giving strength and courage to venture out on their own. New leaders and Lightbears as you are finding yourself in an overload existence.

The members of all Sisterhoods and circles are truly stepping forward as leaders. A lot of you are establishing new relationships in many facets of your lives. Do not forget your relationship with our Holy Most Divine Mother/Father.

Our Mother needs our Love to be sent deep into her roots systems. Our loving relationship with her feeds and nourishes her. In return her love will help all of you to grow into your Divine gifts. She gives them to you freely but they are not so out in the open. Sometimes they are hidden within the layers of what is beyond our eyesight.

We Grandmothers stand guard for your future. We stand ready to serve. At this time great discipline in remembering is needed. You will remember who you are through knowing your ancestors as they have nurtured you throughout time.

Changing times are upon us. You need to be able to flow like the ebbing tides of your Mother!


Channeled through Grandmother Whitedeer....2010



Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim….13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council

Dear Tonya:

Got your message and I know the water is getting bad all over the word. I have gathered water from all of my travels all over the world. I’ve done water blessings in those journeys. I bless people with this water. I know water can hear us! Everyone needs to introduce themselves to the water and apologize to the water because we are all water babies. Our beginning life was in the amino sack in mommy’s tummy.

Start talking to the water as I believe our Mother Earth is angry at us. We aren’t grateful to the water and she’s calling it back. When you drink the water, bless it.

Over 70% of your body is water so talk to it. Dr. Emoto knows me and heard me talk about the water. We all need to protect the rivers and streams as they are not garbage dumps. Guard your water.

I’ve predicted we are going to have a water war in our future. Third worlds are building containers to catch rain water and are getting fined. So it’s already beginning.

I‘ve just returned from Australia, lakes are drying up now there’s acres of white salt. The water in their wells are coming up salty! It’s frightening! So pray that more people will praise the water without it all life dies!

My prayers join yours too.

Much Love and Light,
Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim Chairperson of the Thirteen International Indigenous Grandmothers




I call upon The Grandmothers – Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom;

those that hold the Great Medicine Bowl containing the original source of our existence.

They will bring with them the power of the eternal flame of the Sacred Fire.

I beseech them to join with the ones who share the blood running within my veins, so that we can unite as it was in the beginning with my first breath of being.

Grandmothers of the Past – Present – Future ,bring to me all that you are and touch my fire within…..AHO

I give this beseechment to those that wish to grow and extend their powers for the good of our Earth Mother and all that she sustains upon her.

May you know the love and caress of the Grandmothers, may you be comforted with her arms, or wings, or cape or shawl and know that you walk in the shadows created by their light.

Call upon them when you feel the need for whatever reason, they are there waiting! All my love and blessings, Grandmother T. Whitedeer



Here She Comes
From a Newsletter - August 2003
by Steven McFadden

All these unfolding cultural circumstances were summoned to the forefront of my awareness in March, 2003 when I talked with Margaret Connolly of Ireland, who was accompanied by Cynthia Walker of northern New Mexico, President of Grandmothers of Mother Earth.
Margaret Connolly (Mairead Ni Congaile) is a Celtic spiritual leader from Ireland.
The ninth generation of the ancient Celtic clan known as the Women of the Nine Fold, Margaret has sure hands and brave eyes.

In the spring of 2003 Margaret came from Ireland to America to teach at North Eastern University in Illinois. She also went to teach with Momfeather Erickson at her spiritual center, Mantle Rock in Kentucky, and finally to rendezvous with Cynthia Walker at the Copper Mountain Institute in New Mexico.

The visit gave Margaret and Cynthia the opportunity to discuss their planned appointment in May to speak at United Nations headquarters in New York City.
"The present state of the world is disastrous," Margaret told me while she was in New Mexico.
"We Celts have our own prophecies," Margaret said, "and they are very similar to the Dineh (Navajo) and everything else that you hear. The prophecies are that women will take back their power in a beautiful way and change the world. That's happening right now, and it's going to escalate."

An Astonishing Level of Abuse

"The women of this world have put up with disrespect for centuries," Margaret told me, "not just in my land but around the world."By way of example, she cited a personal thread of women's history.
"The way it is now," Margaret Connolly explained to me, "with all the forces seeking to repress the feminine spirit, men are deprived of the sacredness and nurturing that women allow even though, deep within themselves this is what they really want. But out of fear they fail to understand this, and so they respond with control."

"My job from Creator," Margaret said, "is to bring up this awareness.
"But take note," Margaret said "Just now there is a worldwide pattern of ceremonies on sacred ground at sacred time. This is a big rhythm, part of the rhythm of growth of the feminine sprit. The ceremonies give energy back to the Earth and to the Spirit that weaves within it."

Grandmothers' Message at the UN

When May, 2003 rolled around Margaret Connolly and Cynthia Walker journeyed to United Nations headquarters in New York City to deliver messages at the second session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
Margaret and Cynthia brought different messages, messages that originated with Momfeather Erickson, of the Cherokee and Margaret Connolly of Ireland.
Margaret and Cynthia journeyed to the UN as a consequence of that dream.
That's what Cynthia and Margaret, and many other grandmothers, are working toward.
"For two thousand years," Margaret said, "we have been forced to adapt to a culture that was foreign to us. Yet the Celtic people have already faced the test as to whether their spiritual traditions can exist outside their original framework. We have survived, although somewhat fragmented, without loss of respect. Today we ask for an acknowledgement of our existence under the Indigenous Charter by the government of Ireland."

Margaret further proposed a college to facilitate teaching of the sacred Celtic Arts."We seek the cooperation, support and acknowledgment of this authoritative UN forum," she said.
Margaret Connolly agrees: "All over the world people talk about prophecies.
Margaret Connolly, The Retrieve Foundation, Ireland: Retrieveeire@eircom.net

This is Real

When Cynthia Walker reflected on what she and Margaret and the other grandmothers have accomplished, and what lies ahead, she said, "There’s this feminine energy that’s coming in now. It is part of the prophecy of the coming together of the Eagle and the Condor. I first heard that prophecy from a female shaman from Ecuador: ‘The Eagle and the Condor will mate. The feminine must come forward.’ That was about 10 years ago. The voices of the grandmothers, and the work that we are doing with the ceremony of the Reconsecration of the Womb — healing the ancestral trauma — is part of the feminine coming forward."

Margaret Connolly agrees: "All over the world people talk about prophecies. My understanding of it is, it’s the time for women to heal themselves, to support each other and then from that men are healed. Then the family is healed. And then you take it from there, and your community is healed. It’s the power of one. And it’s the women who have claimed that, after all the isolation and oppression. Women from all the different parts of the world are sharing and coming together, strengthening that seedbed of knowledge, healing, and sense of well being for the world. It’s happening all right. This is not a wish list. This is real."


The Grandmother's Net of Light....   June 2010
"Take Heart"message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers

"Take heart. As fear and desperation grow, so does love. Selflessness is growing now. Community is growing. Often you must endure horrific events in order to come awake, remembering the truly important.

"Your culture's focus on yang energy has cut you off from the truth of life. You've lost touch with things that grow, bloom, and bear young. You've forgotten your connection, and when mankind forgets, a lesson comes. The deeper the forgetting, the deeper the lesson.

"To do this work with us you must have the stamina of the Net of light. You are needed, and you are needed day in and day out. Develop your connection with the Net of Light and you will be able to do great things.

"Let your heart open. We know that to look upon the suffering in the Gulf and other places is painful. And to see the hardened hearts of those you call the "haves," they laughed ruefully, "is more painful still. They are most pitiable for they have nothing. They have missed the point, grasping and grasping--ending with only a fist full of air.

"We ask you to take the challenge," they said, giving me a level look. "Feel what you feel. Let compassion well up within you and then go forward and serve. Serve with your hands, serve with your voice, with your resources. But most of all, serve with your heart.

"Cast the Net of Light and let it hold you too. Hold everything in the Net. This is your greatest job. Holding, holding, holding. The dominance of yang energy on your planet has conditioned you to worship speed. Now!" they cried, striking their hands together to illustrate. "But the benefits of holding will endure a long time. It will lift all heavy conditions on earth, will lift the earth itself.

"Steadiness and on-going connection with the Net of Light elevates," the Grandmothers said, "so do not lose heart. If you become frustrated when you don't get an instant response, be easy on yourself. For hundreds of years mankind has been conditioned to race about, so don't blame yourself for being impatient. You have been taught to live that way.

"You are part of a family now, a lighted family that is learning the reward of steady holding. Call the Net of Light and feel it under you, behind you and beside you. Rest in it as light pours forth from your heart, blessing everything. As the Net holds you, it calms you and it is this calming and holding that you send to others. Honor yourself. You are a purveyor of goodness. When you perform this work with us, everything that swims, walks, breathes, loves, and fears is lifted. Lifted, lifted, lifted," they said. "This is all you need to do. This is everything." Sharon McErlane..Grandmothers Speak


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