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We are in the process of upgrading our website. We've found it hard to keep up with all of the wonderful events for water blessings happening around the globe. To facilitate this we are going to have a wordpress blog where you input your event/s. They will not automatically be posted, for one of the facets of the web is spamming and abuse. Your input will be moderated and approved before it is made public.  However, since you are entering the information yourself, the labor will actually spread among many hands.  Our blog is ready.  Here is the link.  waterblessings.wordpress.com

Remember to subscribe to our blog. Simply go to the bottom left hand side of any page and you see a Follow button. Click and a pop up will appear to enter your email address. You will recieve a confirmation email from the system. You will need to respond to this email to confirm that you wish to get our posts via email. Confirm.  And you are done.

Many sisters have had excellent ideas for our Sisterhood. Ideas need execution to put into action. In practical terms this means we need more hands on board.  We welcome your input with the energy and abilities to manifest them.  As our blog site develops we hope to make it a fertile place for the birth of ideas to become flourishing facets of our sisterhood.

Thank you for patience, your input and your contributions to the tasks before us. Our Sisterhood is very powerful and indeed a force of great things of beauty, healing and service to bring the Infinite's Intent into manifestion. - Rain on the Earth  email: dancingastherain@gmail.com






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