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What is Belvaspata?

Belvaspata, healing of the heart, is a sacred modality that heals with light and frequency. This healing method is a gift from the creator Goddess to the cosmic races to accommodate the changing laws of physics that tookplace as all life ascended into a new creation in August 2006. The use of Belvaspata heals as the frequencies of the sacred sigils are drawn to where they are most needed.

Belvaspata, the healing modality for the new frequencies within the cosmos, takes into consideration changes that occurred in August 2006, altering the laws governing all existence.

The most basic assumptions on which healers of all modalities have based their methods, changed overnight. In the past, opposite energies attracted and healing energy gravitated towards diseased energies. Now, they reject each other. Healers can now utilize light and frequency to dispel the illusion of disease, since under the changed cosmic laws, their opposite aspects attract.

Belvaspata, in the language of the Mother Goddess, means 'healing of the heart'. Whereas the primary purpose of previous cycles of existence was to seek perception (which is mind-oriented), the one we have entered has a different purpose. This creation challenges us to fulfill one primary purpose: to create through the heart. The body of knowledge, which is Belvaspata, is a gift from the Mother/Infinite Being that we may fulfill the new purpose of life. It is here to help us create health, joy and happiness through the heart.

Research on Belvaspata

In Russia a system has been developed to scientifically study spiritual healing, Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). A study was initiated by Dr Sabita DeVita, in the presence of the healer, Almine, to ascertain visible and scientific measures of changes on the biological systems of a small group of subjects using GDV Bioelectrography camera. You can view the study then download these showing the differences before and after a 12 minute BVP session by Almine.

Almine doing BVP       GVP photo before BVP      GVP photo after BVP

What is required to become initiated into Belvaspata?

Initiation into Belvaspata is required to become a practitioner of this sacred healing modality. Initiation into BVP can done either through self initiation after fulfilling the requirements with the guidance of a Master or Grand Master in Belvaspata. Or you can be initiated directly by a Master or Grand Master. Rain on the Earth is a Grand Master.

Rain on the Earth was called by the Mother Goddess to be the Liaison for Indigenous People to bring them the gift of Belvaspata.  Rain is working with the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites, the Bear Clan of Medicine Creek Metis and the Sacred White Buffalo on this task. She is available to do presentations and initiations for key people within the Indigenous communities worldwide. Her contact is dancingastherain@gmail.com

The Medicine Talk Radio

Rain on the Earth, is the producer and host of the internet radio show... "Medicine Talk"

Blog:  medicinetalkradio.wordpress.com                                       

She has co hosted Fountain of Healing about Belvaspata with Annique and Medicine Walk with Annique and Galan of Gaia where she is an occassional guest. Highlights from these shows will be archived on our blog.

Resources for Initiation into Belvaspata

Free download of manual for self initiation from the book “A Life of Miracles” by Almine including the requirements for initiations into the different levels of Belvaspata.

Manual for Self Initiation into Belvaspata

About Almine
Belvaspata was gifted from the Infinite Mother through the seer, Almine. All information presented has originated from Almine and is used with her permission and endorsement. spiritualjourneys.com/about/




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