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Water is the first foundation of Life.  Without it there would be no life upon our Planet Earth.  We have been brought together through Spirit as a dedicated voice for our waters.

We know that we have seemingly away for a few years; however, we have not. We have been using our Cave Time to be with the Ancient Ones and learn the teachings of the beginning Divine essence of Creation.

Our mission is to teach, to support and to be a unifying force for ceremonies to bless, purify and restore our planet’s waters and natural water systems, that there will always be clean and fresh water for all.

So many of us are feeling overwhelmed and devastated over what has been happening to our Mother Earth. We have found that through prayer we can make a difference. Prayer and ceremony has been used since time memorable. It is our hope to renew our faith and empower ourselves with our spiritual energies given to us since our first breaths as human beings.

Several prophecies and visions have been brought to the surface to educate us on the changing of times and how we can help. These messages all say to Turn to the Power of Prayer!

There was a date brought to us from the Universe through the Planets that a day for a World Prayer for Water would be every day... We know that the energies will be three fold as we are passing through higher realms of existence...The Grandmothers will be watching from the Ethers. As we have stepped into the fourth dimension, we have learned to use our teachings from the ancient ones from these higher realms. This includes the Grandmothers and Original Clan Mothers from the Star Nation.

When we all unite with the same intent and purpose, sending out our Prayers to the Heavens this world wide participation will be so powerful that our waters can once again run pure and plentiful.

There have been others that have used these ceremonies in the past few years and remarkable results have been shown within once polluted lakes and streams.

Since we now have been connected for several years we know those that have remained dedicated to our covenant originating from our Sisterhood.

For those that have been with us in the past and want to continue with this amazing venture please respond to our letter. -  Tonya Whitedeer    email: waterblessings@gmail.com


The Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites is a non-profit 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) under the umbrella of The Bear Clan of Medicine Creek Métis 


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